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Cape Byron Management proudly supports the efforts of our fantastic teams as they undertake productive and safe work practices. On a day to day, week to week and month to month basis, our people consistently show that we can come to work in a high risk environment and perform diligently, ensuring we not only achieve our production targets, but maintain a high safety standard at the same time.

Cape Byron Management recognises the site team who demonstrates effort and capacity above the expected, and reaches beyond their monthly goals, by the presentation of a trophy. The metrics used to determine the award include amount of energy produced, number of safe acts observed and ability to produce safely in any given month.

Cape Byron Power Team
Cape Byron Power Matt Jones and Zak Browse

Matt Jones (HSE & Risk Manager) presenting Zak Browse (Broadwater Site Superintendent) with the safety trophy for excellent on site safety performance through July

Cape Byron Power Gerhard Laubscher Zak Browse

Gerhard Laubscher (General Manager) presenting Zak Browse (Broadwater Site Superintendent) with the July Production award in recognition of being the most productive of the two Cape Byron Management sites.