Cape Byron Management

Cape Byron Management is the manager of the Cape Byron Power business. The business produces clean, renewable electricity from mostly sugar cane milling waste, along with certain types of wood residues and energy crops, commonly referred to as 'biomass' fuel. We operate a 68 MW portfolio of biomass power stations, 30 MW at Condong and 38 MW at Broadwater, both on the NSW north coast.

Cape Byron Management

Commissioned in 2008, we are one of the largest base load generators of renewable power in Australia. Cape Byron Management purchased the power stations in November 2013 and has continued to implement a range of efficiency, reliability and environmental improvements.

Cape Byron Management aims to be at the forefront of sustainable biomass practices and has a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, driving fuel procurement according to defined principles of best practice benchmarks. We aspire to be a leader in the responsible and economic evolution of sustainability in sustainable biomass power generation and aim to provide low carbon neutral, cost effective and reliable renewable power well now, and into the future.


We engage in and with businesses that share our vision of integrity and best practice.


We manage our assets to provide genuine benefits to the local community, the broader Northern Rivers region, our people and our business partners and stakeholders.

Environmental Responsibility

We execute our business in accordance with best practices in preserving the natural environment.

Fairness and Equal Opportunity

We provide our people and business partners with a safe working environment, fair treatment and equal opportunity.

Business Improvement

Since acquiring the business in 2013. Cape Byron Management has invested millions in new capital works improvements to make the power stations more reliable, more efficient and with lower environmental impact. These projects have included:

  • Replacement of Steam Turbine Condenser tubes at Broadwater.
  • Replacement of Steam Turbine Gearbox at Condong.
  • Implementation of Fuel stockpile environmental discharge works at Condong.
  • Improved Wet Scrubber at Broadwater and Condong to improve environmental performance.
  • Boiler combustion optimisation and fuel efficiency study.

Annual Generation Targets

Cape Byron Management operates the Broadwater and Condong Power Stations year round. Since taking over the power stations annual renewable energy generation has increased by better than 20% at both Broadwater and Condong.